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Kendra Ross


Kendra Ross is a survivor-leader in the anti-trafficking movement. She serves as a consultant and advisor to the Human Trafficking Legal Center. Ross, a survivor of child labor trafficking, advises the Human Trafficking Legal Center on policy issues and public outreach. Ross uses her expertise as a survivor to advise attorneys on trauma-informed advocacy and support for victims of human trafficking. Ross recently met with D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine to brief him on labor trafficking of U.S. citizens.

Ross was held in forced labor for ten years. She was just two years old when her mother joined the United Nation of Islam (UNOI), a quasi-religious offshoot of the better-known Nation of Islam.  From the age of 11 until her escape at 21, the UNOI forced Ross to work 18-hour days, 7 days a week without pay. She worked in bakeries, restaurants, and as a domestic servant to the family that ran the organization. After escaping her traffickers, Ross successfully sued them in federal court six years later, with the help of her team of pro bono lawyers. The court ultimately awarded Ross an $8 million judgment

Since the victory over her former captors, Ross has appeared on national television to tell her story. She has worked as an advocate to shed light on human trafficking in the United States. Ross’s courage has inspired other victims of the UNOI to come forward with their stories. 

 In 2018, Ross completed her GED, enrolled herself in college, and is currently studying at a community college in Virginia working towards an associate of science degree. She is also completing a criminal justice program and plans to graduate in the Fall of 2022. Her goal is to study law. Ross plans to become a civil attorney to help advocate and fight for justice for other human trafficking victims and survivors.