The Human Trafficking Legal Center conducts research through its comprehensive databases to identify trends and spot system failures. The Human Trafficking Legal Center publishes findings to provide the anti-trafficking community with rigorous data, practice guides, and analysis of unmet needs.

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In October 2003, Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, a law allowing trafficking victims to recover damages from their traffickers in federal courts. This publication updates the data contained in a 2018 report published by the Human Trafficking Legal Center. The report tracks the statute’s geographical reach, types of cases, case outcomes, damages awards, and more.

Australian law provides extraterritorial jurisdiction to prosecute Australians who sexually abuse children abroad. Cases of such abuse have arisen in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This publication provides guidance to practitioners on how to hold Australian perpetrators accountable in Australian courts.

Under federal law, criminal restitution for trafficking victims is mandatory. This mandatory restitution law is currently observed in the breach. This publication, written by the Human Trafficking Legal Center with extensive research and editing by WilmerHale, examines why courts fail to order mandatory restitution for trafficking victims and what can be done to remedy this failure.

Co-authored with HEAL Trafficking, this fact sheet documents incidents that illustrate how human trafficking has presented in health care settings. Citing to federal criminal indictments and civil trafficking cases, this fact sheet is a resource to assist medical professionals in recognizing red flags and risk factors.

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