“The Human Trafficking Legal Center has really helped me feel seen and feel heard. The only way we’re going to fight this is when we can hear all survivors.”

Jose Alfaro | Lived Experience Expert on Domestic Child Sex Trafficking | Advisor, The Human Trafficking Legal Center

Survivors of Human Trafficking

Survivors’ voices and leadership must be at the forefront of the anti-trafficking community.

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Survivor Leadership Series

In 2019, the Human Trafficking Legal Center launched the Survivor Leadership Series in partnership with Survivor Alliance. The program includes webinars produced by survivors for survivors, providing community, rights education, and leadership skills.

Many of the survivor-led sessions include topics requested by members of the community, including Tax Issues for Trafficking Survivors, Human Trafficking Survivors & Criminal Vacatur, A Survivor’s Guide to Civil & Criminal Cases, Media Training, and A Survivor’s Guide to Navigating the Workplace. View previous webinars


Through the Survivor Leadership Series, trafficking survivors are learning about their rights firsthand from survivor-leaders. The leadership program positions survivors to become agents of change and to build community.