Martina E. Vandenberg

Founder and President

Martina E. Vandenberg is founder and president of the Human Trafficking Legal Center. Vandenberg established the Human Trafficking Legal Center (formerly HT Pro Bono) in 2012 with generous support from the Open Society Foundations (OSF) Fellowship Program. 

Maggie Lee

Senior Staff Attorney

Maggie Lee is the senior staff attorney at the Human Trafficking Legal Center.  She leads the organization’s strategic litigation program.

Evelyn Chumbow

Operations Manager and
Survivor Advocate

Evelyn Chumbow is a survivor of child labor trafficking turned anti-trafficking activist and public speaker who focuses her life’s work on ending modern-day slavery. Today, Chumbow works tirelessly to raise awareness in communities to create employment opportunities for trafficking survivors.

Shayna Horwitz

Development and Communications Director

Shayna Horwitz is development and communications director for the Human Trafficking Legal Center.

Anasuya Syam

Human Rights and Trade Policy Advisor

Anasuya Syam is the human rights and trade policy advisor at the Human Trafficking Legal Center. She leads the Human Trafficking Legal Center’s initiative on the U.S. Tariff Act and forced labor, with a focus on conducting investigations and submitting petitions under the Tariff Act.

Agatha Schmaedick

Staff Attorney

Agatha Schmaedick is the staff attorney at the Human Trafficking Legal Center. She is a labor and human rights advocate with over fifteen years of experience both in the United States and internationally.

Clara Martin

Development and Communications Associate

Clara Martin supports the development and communication efforts at the Human Trafficking Legal Center.

Fainess Lipenga

Training Advisor

Fainess Lipenga has been an active member of the National Survivor Network since 2013. As a survivor of labor trafficking, she uses her voice and experience to educate the community and raise awareness.

Kendra Ross


Kendra Ross is a survivor-leader in the anti-trafficking movement. She serves as a consultant and advisor to the Human Trafficking Legal Center.

Airin Ri

Spring 2022 Intern

Airin Ri is a Spring 2022 intern for the Human Trafficking Legal Center, where she supports database research and case analysis. 

Alexandra Levy Yelderman

Of Counsel

Alexandra Yelderman serves as special counsel to the Human Trafficking Legal Center. Formerly the center’s senior staff attorney, Yelderman has spent the past decade directing data research and developing seminal resources for attorneys and advocates handling human trafficking cases.