Nat Caterino - Edited

Nat Caterino

Development Associate

Nat Caterino is the development associate at the Human Trafficking Legal Center. She supports the organization’s development and fundraising efforts. With a focus on driving organizational growth and enhancing donor relationships, Caterino excels in managing donor databases, tracking fundraising metrics, and overseeing event planning processes with meticulous attention to detail.

Previously, she managed digital fundraising campaigns, established comprehensive quality assurance policies, and took charge of reporting and analytics, ensuring the successful execution of fundraising campaigns. Caterino also managed donor databases and coordinated event registration procedures, contributing to the fundraising success of her previous employers.

Motivated by an unwavering dedication to social justice, Caterino is deeply committed to leveraging her skills and expertise to champion the mission of the Human Trafficking Legal Center. With a fervent belief in the importance of ensuring survivors have access to justice, she is eager to forge strong donor relationships and play a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s crucial work.