Nabasitu Daisy

Daisy Nabasitu

Daisy Nabasitu is an assistant director of public prosecutions with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) in Kampala, Uganda.

Nabasitu has served as a prosecutor for over 16 years. Her experience as a human rights advocate for women’s and children’s rights has informed her commitment to conducting grassroots community outreach sensitization trainings. Nabasitu specializes in prosecuting gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, and environmental cases. She headed the Domestic Violence Desk at ODPP and was part of the task force that developed guidelines for prosecuting gender-based violence cases in Uganda. She published a report on the prosecution of sexual abuse cases in Uganda’s criminal justice system in the Centre for Criminal Justice & Human Rights’ Working Paper Series. As a prosecutor, she has served in several capacities and trained other lawyers on the art of trial advocacy. While serving as head of the Environment Division at the ODPP, Nabasitu served on the Uganda National Wildlife Crime Coordination Taskforce. Her interests are currently focused on advocating for the rights of human trafficking victims.

Nabasitu is an enrolled advocate of the High Court of Uganda and holds an LLM in international human rights law and public policy from the National University of Ireland, Cork. She is an ICSA graduate, received her LLB (Hons) at Makerere University Kampala-Uganda, and holds a diploma in legal practice from the Law Development Centre, Kampala-Uganda.

Nabasitu is currently a PhD candidate at the National University of Ireland, Galway as an Established Professorship of Law Fellow focusing on Uganda’s legal response in addressing women migrant domestic workers’ protection. She previously participated as a 2019–2020 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow at American University Washington College of Law, a distinguished Irish Aid Fellow, and Danish Aid Fellow. Nabasitu formerly served as a legal fellow for the Human Trafficking Legal Center.